2nd Vietnam-Japan Symposium on

Climate change and the Sustainability













開催日    2008年11月28日、29日

会場        ハノイ科学大学大会議場


It has been a matter of growing concern that global warming will induce climate change and exacerbate such natural disasters as floods, landslides, erosion, salty intrusion and earthquakes. These will be a threat to socio-economic sustainability of developing countries in Asia and Vietnam is not excluded. As achieved from the first symposium in Hue, Vietnam, 2007 the strategies for mitigation and adaptation of the consequences caused by climate change are vital. Such strategies are determined by considering circumstances of respective sites, which include natural, social, and human environments. In particular, countermeasures and adaptation strategies should not intrude on citizens, but instead correspond properly to desire objective site residents for their safe, assured, and peaceful everyday lives.

The symposium is intended to investigate how the climate change impacts on, how we adapt to climate change-induced disasters and how to develop sustainably for people who own different backgrounds such as culture, history, and the way of life. We invite the participation not only of academia, engineers and planners but also of citizens at every level. Through this symposium, we will establish a platform for mutual understanding and then smooth collaboration between two countries, Vietnam and Japan also enhance the relationship in a higher level.
















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