What is Sustainability Science?

Current environmental and social problems are becoming increasingly complex

Sustainability science has been proposed in recent years as a foundation for developing road maps and methods to realize a sustainable society. Sustainability science, as defined by the SSC, consists of three components the “Global system” comprised of climate, resources/energy and ecosystems that provide the foundation for the existence of humanity; the “Social system” comprised of political, economic and technological systems as well as industrial structures that characterize each country; and the “Human system” comprised of the lifestyle, health, and value standards of individuals. If a functional interrelationship exists among the three systems of Earth, society, and humans, a sustainable society, in which humans and nature coexist in har- mony, can be realized and maintained. However, in reality the interrelationships appear to be frayed. Sustainability science aims to elucidate the mechanisms responsible for the collapse of the three systems and their interrelationships as represented by issues facing global environment and security, to re-construct the systems and to propose measures and visions for mending the interrelationship.